January 22, 2018


Interested in working at Polytential? Check our current internship openings:

Data Science / AIDetermine optimal hyperspectral bands for training our algorithm
Preliminary data analysis & feature generation for detection of additives within plastic and the degradation of plastic
Flake recognition and image processing
OpticsThe design and development of the lighting module
Diffused light spreading over the width of the conveyor belt
Scanning with multiple camera’s at the same time
Graphic / DesignDesign the app (UX / UI)
Design interface of our own scanning software
Design the 3D-renderings of the (parts) final product
Software programmerImplementation of transfer protocols between different serial devices
Design and implementation of control software using cutting edge IT solutions
Cloud computing / Stream processingOptimize the data streams
Pre- and post-processing of raw data
“Just-in-time computation” architecture & design
ChemistDesign and develop data sets with unique optical properties
Research tracers and the detection of tracers by hyperspectral camera
Electrical EngineeringDesign and integrate multiple control units together
Synchronization and automatization of the mechanical parts controlled by the control unit

Interested in a position? Contact us: jobs@polytential.eu