Polytential provides automated plastic waste analysis for recycling

The Virtual Chemist

The Virtual Chemist is a small device that uses sensors for analysis of plastic waste. It gives the user insights in the possibilities of the available material. The information generated by the Virtual Chemist allows to find the best use for every load of plastic waste. Whether that is a flower pot or laptop casing, with the Virtual Chemist it is guaranteed recycled to the highest possible grade.
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Large sample size

The Virtual Chemist allows for large samples to be analyzed. The analysis of a large sample provides more conclusive and representative data about the composition of the sample and an entire batch.

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The large sample is placed into the Virtual Chemist and the chemical analysis in completed in an automated way, thereby replacing all manual testing. The Virtual Chemist is very easy to use and completes the analysis of a sample within 15 minutes.

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99.5% reliable data

The data presents the ratio of different plastic types as well as other contaminants in the sample. By taking into account the volumetric data the Virtual Chemist increases reliability of the data. The Virtual Chemist is capable to distinguish between more than 25 types of plastic and can perform the analysis even if the plastic is contaminated by fat or proteins.

Polytential seizes the potential of polymers

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